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Leif MansonSFP Interview: Castoff from Episode 10 of Survivor One World
(SurvivorFansPodcast 4.19.12)
Listen to this interview to hear how being on the show has changed his life, what one thing he still misses from the show, what qualities he looks for and respects in a winner and lots more!

Exclusive: Leif Manson talks about 'Survivor: One World' (Part 1)
(RTVW 4.19.12)
Leif Manson, a 27-year-old phlebotomist from San Diego, CA, was eliminated from Survivor: One World's merged Tikiano tribe during Wednesday night's tenth episode of the CBS reality series' 24th edition.

Leif exit interview: 'Little people can do anything that anyone else can do'
(Examiner 4.19.12)
Leif Manson was the very first little person to compete on Survivor, and immediately that made him a stand-out. Early on, he showed us that despite his short stature, he could compete fully with the others in challenges and at pulling his weight around camp.

‘Survivor: One World’ interview: Leif Manson on strategy, alliance with Colton
(CarterMatt 4.19.12)
Leif gives some insight into his strategy  where he made a rather surprising admission that he felt that his tribemates may not have always taken him seriously due to his height.

‘Survivor: One World’ Castaway Interview – Leif Manson
(xfinity 4.19.12)
Leif Manson speaks about why Christina and Alicia didn’t take his offer, how he feels about Colton’s offensive comments, and the benefits of sleeping in a coffin-like box

'Survivor: One World's' Leif Manson: The women 'set a lot of bait for us and we bought it hook, line and sinker'
(Zap2It 4.19.12)
Leif Manson was voted off "Survivor: One World" Wednesday (April 18), leaving just two men to face the all-girl alliance that seems to be in complete control of the game. He tells Zap2it that those women are tricky.

Jay Byars"I Stepped Down Thinking I Was Safe" - Reality News Online's Exclusive Interview with Survivor: One World's Jay

(RNO 4.13.12)

Jay seemed willing to go with the flow in Survivor. He was never on the main alliance in the original Manono, but Jay thought he was in tight with the new Salani alliance. What happened? Did Jay have a clue? And does he resent new Salani for blindsiding him? Find out this and more right here!

SFP Interview: Castoff from Episode 9 of Survivor One World
(SurvivorFansPodcast 4.13.12)
Listen to this interview to hear why he voted for Michael, details on his connection to Colton, what he will consider when it comes time to cast his vote for the winner and lots more!

Exclusive: Jay Byars talks about 'Survivor: One World' (Part 1)
(RTVW 4.13.12)
Jay talks about why he thought he was so safe leading up to the Tribal Council, how he convinced himself the women were definitely going to vote for Alicia Rosa instead, why he believed the women went after him before Troy "Troyzan" Robertson, what made him decide to vote for Alicia over any of his other options, and why he thought his potential final 3 alliance wouldn't end up working out.

'Survivor: One World' Castaway Interview – Jay Byars
(xfinity 4.12.12)
For weeks, Jay’s instincts had been telling him to be on the lookout for a women’s alliance. But that didn’t stop the 25-year-old model from trying to piece together a union between himself and the game’s dominant females

 Survivor: One World: Jay Byars, "I thought I was safe"
(Deadbolt 4.12.12)
Only a week after the guys of Survivor: One World lost another male ally, South Carolina model Jay Byars was picked off by the women of the newly formed Tikiano tribe. On the heels of sending home tribe mates Jonas Otsuji and Mike Jefferson, the guys of Survivor: One World found themselves on the wrong side of the numbers game.

Exit interview with Jay Byars: 'My dumbest move was stepping down'
( 4.12.12)
Men are becoming an endangered species on Survivor: One World, and the latest victim was Jay Byars, the model from Gaffney, South Carolina. His chiseled physique quickly made him a fan favorite of much of the female audience, but his ethical gameplay made him one of the overall favorites of men and women alike.

‘Survivor: One World’ interview: Jay Byars on Troyzan’s idol, Bill disaster
(CarterMatt 4.12.12)
Jay Byars seemingly had everything going for him on “Survivor: One World” — he was a physical guy with some southern charm, and he was really the only person on the original Manono tribe who thought giving up tribal immunity was a bad idea.

Survivor's Jay: I Never Thought in a Million Years I Would Step Down for Food
( 4.12.12)
On Wednesday's Survivor: One World, 25-year-old model Jay Byars sealed his fate by voluntarily eliminating himself from the immunity challenge.

'Survivor: One World's' Jay Byars 'knew those girls were going to turn on [him]'
(Zap2It 4.12.12)
Jay Byars was the latest eliminated castaway from "Survivor: One World." He tells Zap2it that he figured the girls would turn on him at some point - but not as soon as they did.

Michael JeffersonWe Get Michael Jefferson’s Side of the Blind Side
(RobHasaWebsite 4.5.12)
This week’s episode of Survivor One World featured our biggest blind side of the season as the tribe voted Michael Jefferson out of the tribe. Michael joins Rob Cesternino to discuss exactly what happened in his experience on Survivor.

We Had a Good Thing and It Just Ended Too Soon Reality News Online's Exclusive Interview with Survivor: One Worlds Michael

(RNO 4.5.12)
Michael stood out for his physicality, but not in terms of strategy or making big moves. Read on to find out why he thought it was in his best interest to stay as under-the-radar as he could, how he was fooled into thinking he was safe, who is playing the best game now, and much more!

SFP Interview: Castoff from Episode 8 of Survivor One World
(SurvivorFansPodcast 4.5.12)
Listen to this interview to hear how stealing from the women on day one affected his game, which two men refused to work with him, what qualities will win his vote for sole survivor and lots more!

'Survivor: One World' Castaway Interview – Michael Jefferson
(xfinity 4.5.12)

Survivor: One World: Mike Jefferson, “I thought I had a pretty good plan”
(TheDeadBolt 4.5.12)

'Survivor: One World' Michael Jefferson on Kim lies, game highlights
(DigitalSpy 4.5.12)

Survivor: One World - Exclusive Interview with Mike Jefferson
(realitywanted 4.5.12)

Exclusive: Michael Jefferson talks about 'Survivor: One World' (Part 1)
(RTVW 4.5.12)

Survivor: One World’ interview: Michael Jefferson on Kim's successful plot
(CarterMatt 4.5.12)

'Survivor: One World's' Michael Jefferson: 'More strong women out there than strong guys'
(zap2it 4.5.12)

Jonas Otsuji'Survivor: One World' Castaway Interview – Jonas Otsuji
(xfinity 3.30.12)
Jonas speaks out about why he'd never play under the radar again, what it was like under Colton's regime, and what was really lurking on the bottom of Tarzan's unmentionables…

SFP Interview: Castoff from Episode 7 of Survivor One World

(SurvivorFansPodcast 3.29.12)
Listen to this interview to hear the strategy he used in his audition video that paid off, who is really calling the shots after the merge, who created the awesome new tribe flag and lots more!

The Girls Brainwashed Troy and Jay Reality News Online's Exclusive Interview with Survivor: One Worlds Jonas

(RNO 3.29.12)
Jonas went from being a quiet provider who was flying a bit under the radar to suddenly becoming the biggest threat the opposing alliance could find. Read on to see what he think of how this alliance came to be, how he was named the target, and much more!


Jonas interview w/Rob Cesternino - 'Rob Has a Website'
Podcast of Jonas interview
(RobHasAWebsite 3.29.12)

Exit interview with Jonas: 'Trying to fly under-the-radar put me on the radar'
( 3.29.12)
Despite being the provider and cook for the newly merged tribe, Jonas was targeted as the biggest threat by Kim and Chelsea's alliance. He went down swinging at Tribal Council, and never seemed to get along well with Tarzan (who has?). But his efforts to clue the group in on Michael may be his lasting sound bite, as nobody seems to be targeting Michael as a threat just yet.

Exclusive: Jonas Otsuji talks about 'Survivor: One World' (Part 1)
(RTVW 3,29.12)

'Survivor' Jonas Otsuji talks Colton, Tarzan and game strategy
(DigitalSpy 3.29.12)

Jonas loved "Survivor" — but wishes he'd played a bit differently
(Salt Lake Tribune 3.29.12)


‘Survivor: One World’ interview: Jonas Otsuji on Sandra strategy, playing again
( 3.29.12)

Colton CumbieWill ‘Survivor’ Villain Colton Be Invited Back? Host Jeff Probst Answers…
( 3.28.12)
Over the course of one hour, “Survivor: One World” lost its reviled bully to a medical concern, cemented a new power alliance with an idol, and brought both tribes together with a last-minute merge.  So, with all of that going on, it seemed like the perfect time to check in with “Survivor’s” 74-time Emmy-award-winning host* Jeff Probst.

SFP Interview: Castoff from Episode 6 of Survivor One World
(SurvivorFansPodcast 3.22.12)
Listen to this interview to hear the true medical condition that took him out of the game, who he tried to the give the idol to, how he feels about the things he said and did after watching himself and lots more!

Exit interview with Colton: 'Some cruel things that I wish I could take back'
( 3.22.12)
As this season's super-villain, Colton was a polarizing force for viewers who either hated him, or liked him but just wish he would stop digging himself a hole with his array of politically-incorrect statements


Exclusive: Colton Cumbie talks about 'Survivor: One World' (Part 1)
(RTVW 3.22.12)

Survivor: One World - Exclusive Interview with Colton Cumbie
(realitywanted 3.22.12)

'Survivor: One World' interview: Colton Cumbie on fan reaction, endgame plan
( 3.22.12)

Talking with the Survivor You Love to Hate, Colton Cumbie
(RobHasAWebsite 3.22.12)
Colton joins Rob Cesternino and Nicole to talk about the entire Survivor experience.

'Survivor' Colton: My Hate Knew No Bounds
( 3.22.12)
Colton talks all about his "frustrating" ousting, how he views his gameplay and where that Immunity Idol is now!


'Survivor: One World's' Colton Cumbie realizes that karma got him
(Zap2It 3.22.12)
Colton was one of the most polarizing castaways in "Survivor" history. He tells Zap2it what he regrets about his behavior and how much he wants to go back for another chance.

You Really Don't Get It Until You Watch Yourself Reality News Online's Exclusive Interview with Survivor: One Worlds Colton

(RNO 3.22.12)
 No matter what you might have thought of Colton  on the show, you will definitely be interested to read what he has to say – his strategy, explanations, and plans for the later game that he was never able to enact.

Monica CulpepperHitFix Interview: Monica Culpepper talks 'Survivor: One World'
(HitFix 3.18.12)
Monica discusses why she felt so betrayed by Colton, why she had a bad feeling before taking her tribe-selecting egg and what she wishes she would have done to stave off her elimination.

"Survivor's" Monica Culpepper on getting voted out (and evil Colton!)
(WTSP 3.16.12)
Listen to the audio

SFP Interview: Castoff from Episode 5 of Survivor One World
(SFP 3.16.12)
Listen to this interview to hear the amazing way her husband helped her prepare for the game, her assessment of Tarzan's mental state, how the supplies were divided between the camps after the shuffle and lots more!

Exit interview with Monica: Colton called me 'Mama-ca' the whole show
( 3.15.12)
Monica tells us about a relationship that she had with Colton that wasn't shown on TV

Exclusive: Monica Culpepper talks about 'Survivor: One World' (Part 2)
(RTVW 3.15.12)

Exclusive: Monica Culpepper talks about 'Survivor: One World' (Part 1)
(RTVW 3.15.12)

Survivor: One World - Exclusive Interview with Monica
(RealityWanted 3.15.12)

'Survivor: One World' interview: Monica Culpepper talks Colton’s behavior
(CarterMatt 3.15.12)

"I Felt Like the Tide Was Turning" – Reality News Online’s Exclusive Interview with Survivor: One World’s Monica
(RNO 3.15.12)
What we saw of Monica on Survivor emphasized her great spirit and positive personality – and that was no different in talking to her! She of course had her thoughts on Colton’s behavior, but overall the experience was obviously an enjoyable one for her, as she explains here.

Bill PoselySurvivor's Bill Posley Calls Colton a 'Spoiled Brat'
( 3.11.12)
For the first time in Survivor's 24 seasons, a tribe voluntarily gave up their immunity for the opportunity to vote out one of their own and Posley, 28, paid the price.

Exclusive: Bill Posley: 'Survivor: One World's Colton Cumbie not racist
(RTVW 3.10.12)
Bill talks about his
Survivor: One World experience and his early elimination from the game.

'Survivor: One World' Castaway Interview – Bill Posley

(xfinity 3.8.12)
Bill gives his take on whether it was racism, classism, or just living a sheltered life that sparked the horrific exchange, why the Manono men are putting up with it, and what he could have done differently.

SFP Interview: Castoff from Episode 4 of Survivor One World
(SFP 3.8.12)
Listen to this interview to hear what personal information he kept from his tribe, what it was like watching with family and friends, why he thought his alliance failed to stand up to Colton and lots more!

Exit interview with Bill Posley: His response to the critics
( 3.8.12)
Bill responds to his critics, and talks about his decisions in the game as well as his feud with Colton.

InsideTV Podcast: Is Colton the most despicable 'Survivor' contestant ever? Ousted Bill weighs in.
( 3.8.12)
In just four episodes, Colton Cumbie has made a strong case for being the most hated Survivor contestant of all-time. Whether it is the borderline racist comments, the bullying of a little person, or just overall disdain for anyone and anything he comes into contact with, Colton may as well just attach his picture next to the word “unlikable” in the dictionary. But is he the most despicable character in the history of the show?

'Survivor: One World's' Bill Posley: Colton's reality 'is so warped'
(Zap2It 3.8.11)
Bill Posley was eliminated from "Survivor: One World" in what may be the craziest episode of the show we have ever seen in 24 seasons. Colton Cumbie was the leader of the effort to oust Bill and we had to commend Bill in our interview with him for not punching Colton for what he said to Bill.

"The Real Me Got Heard Last Night" – Reality News Online’s Exclusive Interview with Survivor: One World’s Bill

(RNO 3.8.12)
Survivor’s Bill was a nice guy who got in the way of a not-so-nice-guy’s game plan by having the gall to be his own person. Why on earth did he agree to go to Tribal Council? Did he realize what kind of danger he was in? What does he really think about Colton? And how did he expect to make it as a happy-go-lucky guy on a game filled with lying and backstabbing? Bill answers all of these questions and discusses much more

Survivor: One World  
Tribal Council Tour with Jeff Probst >>

Matt Quinlan'Survivor: One World' Castaway Interview – Matt Quinlan
Matt the morning after his elimination to get his thoughts on the target he felt was always on his back, Colton’s place in the alpha-male alliance, and chicken-gate…

SFP Interview: Castoff from Episode 3 of Survivor One World
(SFP 3.2.12)
Listen to this interview to hear his profile of each of his tribemates, his response to Probst's harsh pre-game assessment, an update on the search for the second hidden immunity idol and lots more!

Exit interview with Matt Quinlan, arrogant portrayal was 'very disappointing'
( 3.1.12)
 Matt Quinlan, the lawyer from San Francisco, was tagged the Alpha Male of the Manono Tribe from day one. He was portrayed on the show as extremely arrogant, and got some static for not wanting to help out the females in any way, shape, or form


‘Survivor: One World’ interview: Matt Quinlan details future strategy
(CarterMatt 3.1.12)


Survivor: One World - Exclusive Interview with Matt Quinlan
(realitywanted 3.1.12)

"It's Impossible to Have Control" -  Reality News Online's Exclusive Interview with Survivor: One Worlds Matt

(RNO 3.1.12)
Matt came off as rather intense on Survivor, but in this interview, he was nothing like the persona we saw on TV. Indeed, Matt began this interview by telling me he had a lot to say, and he was right! I had many more questions to ask him, but we just ran out of time. However, for you, the reader, that means you get a lot of good stuff from him about his strategy, some of the other players, and more.

'Survivor: One World's' Matt Quinlan: Colton 'wanted someone to woo him and that started to change things'

(Zap2It 3.1.12)

Nina Acosta HitFix Interview: Nina Acosta talks 'Survivor: One World'
(HitFix 2.34.12)
Nina Acosta talks more about Kat's liabilities, explains why Men vs. Women was her biggest nightmare and breaks down why only luck will prevent her former tribe from getting routed.

'Survivor: One World' Castaway Interview – Nina Acosta
( 2.23.12)
Nina the morning after her elimination to get her thoughts on what Salani has to do to turn things around, the misconception that she wasn’t doing well out there, and this season’s under-the-radar villain

Exit interview with Nina: 'At that moment I was so embarrassed to be a woman'
( 2.23.12)
Nina Acosta is a retired LAPD Officer, and was the oldest female on the dysfunctional Salani Tribe. On the outside of the 5-person alliance that formed on the way to set up their camp, Nina was immediately on the wrong side of the numbers. 

Exclusive: Nina Acosta talks about 'Survivor: One World' 
(RTVW 2.23.12)

Survivor: One World - Exclusive Interview with Nina Acosta
( 2.23.12)

SFP Interview: Castoff from Episode 2 of Survivor One World
(SFP 2.23.12)
Listen to this interview to hear how her family reacted to seeing her injuries, extra details on camp life, a detailed assessment of her tribemates and lots more!

Survivor: One World: Nina Acosta, "I wasn’t totally surprised"
( 2.23.12)

InsideTV Podcast: Ousted Nina from 'Survivor' blasts 'vapid' Kat. 
(EW 2.23.12)
what does Nina think about her fellow female contestants, especially the aforementioned Kat? She shares all with Jessica Shaw and me on the latest episode of the InsideTV Podcast. Is the women’s tribe as dysfunctional as it seems? Is Kat as worthless as she looks? And why was she targeted for being the next to go? Nina answers all!

'Survivor: One World' interview: strategy talk with Nina Acosta
(CarterMatt 2.23.12)

"That Alliance Formed So Fast" – Reality News Online's Exclusive Interview with Survivor: One World's Nina

(RNO 2.23.12)
Nina found herself in an almost hopeless situation, outside of the core alliance. What did she do that might have landed her in that situation? What could she have done differently, in hindsight? Is she okay with the outcome? And what injury did she suffer in the first challenge? To find out this and much more, just read on!

'Survivor: One World' Castaway Interview: Kourtney Moon
( 2.16.12)
Kourtney speaks about what went wrong during her jump, why the women of Salani are underperforming, and which of her tribemates was "obnoxious"

Survivor Kourtney Moon Breaks the News of her Latest Medical Emergency
(RobHasaWebsite 2.16.12)
Kourtney Moon didn’t have a long stint on Survivor: One World before breaking her arm in the very first immunity challenge  She reveals to Rob Cesternino and Nicole Cesternino that she is back in the hospital for an entirely different reason. Kourtney’s doctors recently discovered that she had a tumor in her abdomen. 

SFP Interview: Castoff from Episode 1 of Survivor One World

(SFP 2.16.12)
Listen to this interview to hear an update on her injury, how she was cast, her assessment of her tribemates and lots more!

Everyone Was a Little Unclear on How to Jump An Interview with Survivor: One Worlds Kourtney

(RNO 2.16.12)
Kourtney broke her wrist in the first challenge of Survivor: One World, but it turns out that isn’t her biggest medical problem right now. In fact, she did this interview from the hospital!

Exit interview with Kourtney Moon: 'I try not to have any regrets'
( 2.16.12)

They don't call it a "reality" competition for's real. Kourtney Moon learned that first hand (no pun intended) during the premiere episode of Survivor: One World when she fell and shattered her wrist during the first Immunity Challenge

2 Carolinians - Jay Byars and Chelsea Meissner - Share Secrets of 'Survivor'
(Charlotte Observer 2.15.12)
A talk with Jay Byars of Greenville and Chelsea Meissner of Charleston, who will be vying for the title of Sole Survivor and the $1 million prize. (And yes, they both also fall into the "young and beautiful" category.)

Michael JeffersonSeattle resident, typecast as villain, appears on CBS' 'Survivor'
(Seattle Times 2.15.12)
Originally from Marysville, Jefferson, 30, took time off from his job as a Wells Fargo banker to film "Survivor" last summer in the South Pacific's Samoan Islands. 

Sabrina ThompsonSabrina Thompson goes from Brownsville high school to CBS reality on ‘Survivor’
(NY Daily News 2.15.12)
Spending five years teaching high school in Brownsville served Sabrina Thompson well for her stint on CBS’ "Survivor: One World."

Monica CulpepperEx-Gator Monica Culpepper debuts on ‘Survivor' ( 2.14.12)
Monica said her experiences at the University of Florida as Homecoming Queen, Outstanding Female Graduate in 1991 and Shands Hospital staff member served her well on the show.

Chelsea MeissnerIn 'Survivor' mode: Charleston resident competes on series
(Post and Courier 2.12.12)
The cardinal rule of "Survivor," says Chelsea Meissner, is to check your ego as soon as you hit the beach.  "You can’t go out there with a big head. You want to lay low as much as possible and blend in, not be too outspoken. 

Michael Jefferson'Survivor' returns with Everett banker in the cast
(The Herald 2.14.12)
While he doesn't want to give away any specific parts of "Survivor: One World," Michael Jefferson did say fans definitely don't want to miss the first episode.  I think it's really going to bring out how this season is going to go down," he said.

Colton CumbieExpect twists in 'Survivor: One World,' says Monroeville's Colton Cumbie
(Mobile Press Register 2.14.12)
“Obviously, it’s been put out there that I’m a villain,” he allows, somewhat teasingly. “So I guess you’ll just have to wait and see exactly what I do in order to earn that title.”

Jeff ProbstJeff Probst on Surviving 'Survivor'
( 2.12.11)
"There is no scripting at all, as you will see in episode one in this season, in which you have something happen that's never happened before. First challenge out of the gate, and we have drama."

Jeff Probst: Cast Assessment >>

Survivor: One World Promo:
"Sabrina"  >>

Survivor: One World Promo:
"Alicia"  >>

Survivor: One World Promo:
"Colton"  >>

Survivor: One World Promo:
"Kim"  >>

Jeff ProbstMSN TV Exclusive: 'Survivor: One World'
(MSN 1.20.12)
Click through the images to read Jeff Probst's comments on each contestant

Meet the Cast 
Vid Caps and Transcript >>

View Promo Video, Captures and VoiceOver >>

Survivor Host Jeff Probst

CBS Orders Two More Cycles Of Survivor for Broadcast in the 2012-13 Season


Survivor:  One World
Season 24

Episode 11:  "Never Say Die"
Airdate:   April  25,  2012

Leif Makes Like A Leaf and Leaves
4th Member of the Jury:  Leif Manson

Leif Manson - Voted Out of Tribe

Episode 10 News

Ding Dong the Queen is Gone!
Colton Carried Out of the Game on a Stretcher and Tribes Merge!

Episode 6 News

Nina Acosta:  Ex Cop Outwitted by "Airheads"
Voted Out of Salani Tribe in Episode 2

Episode 2 News

Twisty Wrist: Kourtney Moon Leaves Game 
with Broken Arm in 
Episode 1 Immunity Challenge Mishap

Episode 1 News

Survivor: One World
 Sneak Peek at the Next Survivor Season

View Promo Video, Captures and VoiceOver >>

Survivor: One World

For 23 seasons Survivor has traveled across the planet. Treacherous oceans, mysterious jungles and epic islands as Americans from all walks of life fight it out for the million dollar prize.  Once again, Survivor is changing things up. This time, two tribes will compete against each other while living together on one island. They'll have to decide whether to share their resources or leave the other tribe to fend for themselves as  they battle it out on the greatest adventure on television.  Two Tribes.  One World. One Survivor.  Coming in February, 
Survivor: One World.

Location Info: Samoa
Survivor: Season 24
Filming Location Info 


Samoa is an Island nation in the South Pacific Ocean,
the country is located east of the international date line and south of the equator, about halfway between Hawaii and New Zealand in the Polynesian region of the Pacific Ocean. 

The total land area is 2934 km˛ (slightly smaller than the U.S. state of Rhode Island), consisting of the two large islands of Upolu and Savai'i which account for 99% of the total land area, and eight small islets. Narrow coastal plain with volcanic, rocky, rugged mountains in interior, The combination of tropical climate and fertile soil make Samoa the perfect breeding ground for rainforests and other lush landscapes.   Samoa is blessed with an abundance of gorgeous waterfalls, each with their own distinctive charm.

Tropical; rainy season (November to April), dry season (May to October)

 More Info


Episode 11: "Never Say Die"
Airdate:  April  25,  2012

CBS Announces Survivor: 
One World Finale Date

SUNDAY, MAY 13 8:00-10:00 PM SURVIVOR: ONE WORLD – In the two-hour season finale, the remaining castaways vie for the chance to be named Sole Survivor and take home the million-dollar grand prize. Hosted by Jeff Probst. (Two Hours)

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Who Is Your Favorite Player From Salani Tribe


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Jeff Probst of 'Survivor' shares more details about his new movie and talk show
( 1.17.12)
Not only does the Emmy-winning Survivor  host have a daytime talk show launching in September, but it was also recently announced that he will be directing his second feature film, titled Kiss Me. Now, Probst is offering new details about both projects.

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